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Each future episode will premiere live on Facebook and YouTube on Thursdays at 7pm, and registrants will be emailed the links to watch by 5pm on Wednesdays. Yevgeny Kutik will be available for questions in the chat during the broadcast. Each episode will be available for on-demand viewing until 12pm ET on the following Sunday.

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Feb. 11 at 7 PM – Episode 1, The Fifth Line

A glimpse at the structural, historical anti-Semitism in the former USSR; Kutik’s family decides to leave the Soviet Union in search of a better life; an introduction to the ‘music’ from the suitcase. Featuring Achron’s Hebrew Melody, Shostakovich’s Sonata No. 2, and Stravinsky’s Divertimento from a Fairy’s Kiss.


Feb. 18 at 7 PM – Episode 2, In Between

A look at the strange and stateless journey through Europe which millions of Soviet emigres undertook to start a new life; applying for asylum; an awful recollection from the USSR. Featuring Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, Khachaturian’s Nocturne, and Bloch’s Baal Shem.


Feb. 25 at 7 PM – Episode 3, Begin Again

Kutik’s family arrives in the United States; a closer look at rebuilding everything from nothing; the incredible power of community and selflessness. Featuring Rubinstein’s Romance, Achron’s Hebrew Lullaby, Shostakovich’s Romance from Ovod, Prokofiev’s Waltz from Cinderella, and Sviridov’s Children’s Album.

Watch Episode 3 on Facebook or YouTube until Sunday, February 28 at 12pm ET.

March 4 at 7 PM – Episode 4, Listen

A tribute to the teachers and influences who helped Kutik and his family grow and build; remembering Zinaida Gilels and Roman Totenberg. Featuring Prokofiev’s Sonata No. 2 Op. 94a, and Darius Milhaud’s Le Beouf sur le toit.

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March 11 at 7 PM – Episode 5, Coda

Reflecting on Kutik’s family journey, one small journey among millions; a musical tribute of thanks to his community. Featuring Rachmaninov’s Vocalise and Franck’s Sonata.

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